Sunday, May 6, 2012

20 Weeks

Inanimate comparison: Banana

Maternity clothes: I can still fit into my three long lycra shirts. Other than that, it's all maternity all the time.

Stretch marks: None.

Sleep: Much better than a few weeks ago. But I can't sleep on my stomach anymore.

Best moment this week: A "normal" ultrasound.

Miss anything: It would be nice not to feel hungry all the time.

Movement: A few kicks. This is the first week I've been able to feel them.

Cravings: Ice cream. Pete walked to the store to buy me some in the middle of the night in the rain because he's amazing.

Sickness: None.

Gender: I think it's a girl. But it's a surprise.

Labour signs: None, thank goodness.

Symptoms: Just feeling hungry and living large.

Belly button: Still in.

Wedding rings: Still on.

Happy or moody: Incredibly happy.

Looking forward to: Meeting the baby.

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