Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Names

Even before I was pregnant, I loved thinking about baby names. My home province keeps detailed baby name statistics, which are fascinating.

Peter and I had some criteria for our baby names.

The names had to be:

• Traditional and Catholic (Old Testament, New Testament, and saints' names are all contenders)
• Either male or female and not unisex

The names couldn't be:

• Popular or trendy (In my elementary school class there were two Matthews and I actually thought their names were Matthew S. and Matthew B.)
• Made-up or spelled unusually (I'm speaking from experience here. My name is constantly spelled wrong and it is annoying.)

Also, both names had to work with Peter's last name. I love the name Graham, for example, but that one was definitely out.

Choosing names was surprisingly easy. We went for a walk one afternoon and discussed contenders for first names.

We both had several suggestions for girl's names, but settled on one we both loved within a few minutes.

I suggested a boy's name that Peter had not thought of yet. A few days later, he decided he loved it. I was relieved because I only had four boy names on my short list.

The middle names were also easy. A few weeks after our walk, I made a list of the first names paired with four or five potential middle names and left it on the coffee table for Peter to look at when he came home from work. He circled one on each list and that was that.

We're keeping the names a secret until the baby is born.

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