Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy News, Sad News

Happy news: I had a doctor's appointment today and the baby is healthy.

Sad news: I still have 16 weeks to go and I've gained almost as much weight as my mother did when she gave birth to me.*

Happy news: My belly is enormous, but the rest of my body is the same size.*

Sad news: I'm now banned from bicycling and racket sports.

Happy news: I never bicycle or play racket sports.

Sad news: I have my first sunburn of the year.*

Happy news: Summer is finally here.

Sad news: Peter won the guess-the-baby's-heartrate competition.**

Happy news: We got to hear the baby's glorious heartbeat.

* See photo.
**He picked 143 beats per minute. I went under. The baby's heartrate was 160 beats per minute.

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