Friday, May 25, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (3)

1. My Mom is graduating today with her master's degree in education. Way to go, Mom!

2. I had a reunion this week with my former coworkers at my first job in journalism. I absolutely loved seeing them all again. They haven't changed at all. Strangely, although we met in B.C., we all live in Ontario now. As you can see, I posed strategically for the photo to hide my big belly.

3. I have a busy day tomorrow. In the morning, we're going to the Great Glebe Garage Sale to look for baby paraphernalia. In the evening, I'm meeting with my book club. This month we read Half-Blood Blues.

4. Alarming fact: I am 13 pounds away from weighing as much as my husband. 

5. I know that I'm feeling a little better about losing my job because I have the mental capacity to worry about my weight gain. 

6. Another alarming fact: My brother, who lives in France, has more shoes stored in our house than Peter and me combined. 

7. My Dad was here for five days and we went to Rona six times. Because we no longer have a working car, we were on foot four times and two times my friends kindly gave us rides.

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