Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Crazy Day

Yesterday wasn't as life-changing as last Friday, but it was still a crazy day.

Our house went up for sale on Wednesday and showings started yesterday. We initially had four showings booked, but one was cancelled.

Because we were out running errands all day, I only met one of the potential buyers. He came over in the afternoon while Peter and his friend Don were taking my brother's many, many shoes (and bed, dresser and other stuff) to a storage locker. He only spent about 15 minutes looking at our house and he didn't seem very happy so I was certain he wasn't going to put in a bid. 

But I was wrong.

Yesterday evening, my girlfriend threw me a baby shower. (Look out for an upcoming blog post about how glorious it was.) Peter called me about half-way through to tell me that we had a bid and we agreed to accept it. 

I am so thrilled and relieved. This is one bet that I'm happy to let Peter win.

Provided our home passes the inspection, we will turn over possession on July 20.

Here are the photos the realtor took of our home for the MLS listing. They feature Mango and Big Papi, but sadly not Lola:

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