Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Announcement

On Monday, Peter was offered a job in Hamilton and we started making plans to move.

Then on Friday, everything changed. 

At about 1 p.m., Peter was watching soccer and waiting for our appointment with our realtor and I was napping on the couch and waiting for our friend to come over to pick up some of our donations. 

I heard answer Peter answer his phone. I dozed off again until I heard him say something about Prince George. 

A few weeks ago, Peter applied for a job at the daily newspaper in Prince George. He didn't hear back right away and, with all the Hamilton excitement, we were no longer thinking about that job.

Right then, our friend arrived to pick up our donations. (We haven't replaced our car yet, so he was kind enough to offer to drop off our stuff at Value Village.) I was disorientated from being woken up and distracted by Peter's phone call, but I made an attempt to be coherent.

After Dave left, Peter finished his phone call and came back downstairs. He hadn't been offered the job yet, but he was optimistic. He texted his references to tell them to expect a call and we got ready for our appointment with our realtor.

When our realtor left, we sat down and discussed the two jobs. During our discussion, the managing editor from Prince George called and offered Peter a job as a reporter and copy editor. So we had a decision to make.

Here are some of the good points about Prince George that we discussed:

• I used to live in Prince George, my sister still lives there and my parents live an hour away. I also have extended family in the Lower Mainland, Peter has family in Calgary and the Okanagan and we both have lots of friends in B.C. 
• The cost of living is even cheaper than Hamilton, which is cheaper than Ottawa, which is cheaper than most other cities in Canada. We can easily afford a house, not just a townhouse.
• The city has a WHL team, a CIS basketball team and a professional theatre company. 
• The Prince George job is primarily reporting and the Hamilton job is primarily doing lay-out. Peter likes reporting better than lay-out. 
• The Prince George job is a day job and the Hamilton job is a night job. Although I'm used to him working the night shift, I love Peter being home in the evening. It makes such a difference to our quality of life. 
• The Prince George job pays significantly more. 
• Because of Hamilton's proximity to Toronto, it will likely be easier for me to find an articling position in Prince George.

Here are some of the not-so-good points that we discussed:

• Lots of our friends are moving to Hamilton. We were really looking forward to reuniting with them.
• We were also excited about living closer to several of our friends and Peter's Toronto-area extended family. 
• The closest law school is 5 1/2 hours away from Prince George. (However, this is likely a moot point because we have another plan that I will post about later.)
• Moving across the country is going to be a logistical challenge, especially with the cats.

In about 30 minutes, we made our decision: We're moving to Prince George. Peter starts on July 3 and I'll fly out with the cats when our house is sold.

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