Friday, June 8, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (5)

1. I had the weirdest test this week. Pregnant women in Ontario are routinely screened for gestational diabetes even if they have no risk factors. You go to the blood clinic and they give you a bottle of juice. You have five minutes to drink it and then you sit there for an hour. They won't let you leave the facility, use the washroom, or sleep. After the hour is up, they test your blood. Two other girls were doing the same test while I was there. I'll know the results next week, but I'm not too concerned. 

2. Yesterday, Peter and I went to a skills retraining session our company hosted for the 25 of us who lost our jobs. I mostly went to see my friends again because I miss them, but I enjoyed learning about networking. 

3. This weekend, Peter and I are going through everything in the house to decide what to throw out, what to donate, and what to keep. Since I love cleaning and organizing and hate clutter, I'm actually excited about this.

4. I just got a message from the law school library saying that a thesis I borrowed for an hour last week is now overdue. I returned it with a pile of other books so I hope they didn't lose track of it. I have to wait until the library opens at 8 a.m. to straighten this out.

5. The baby is now viable and, in just over two weeks, I'll begin my third trimester. The first trimester felt like it dragged on forever, but the second trimester has flown by. I'm excited to begin the last phase of pregnancy because I'm so excited to meet the baby, but my mother and mother-in-law have warned me that the third trimester is much harder than the first two.

6. I am going to Montreal on Monday with my friend to look for a bridesmaid dress. We were supposed to go today, but with the Grand Prix and the student protest, we decided to wait until Monday.

7. A woman who works at the law school predicted my baby's gender using a needle and thread. She wouldn't tell me the result but, judging from my friend's reaction, I think it said I'm having a boy.

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  1. I think the gestational diabetes test is pretty standard everywhere. It is disgusting. We're all with you. :)

    As for the declutter, go you! I hate cleaning but I do like to get things organized. It doesn't happen much anymore with four kids around.