Friday, June 15, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (6)

1. The nurse at my obstetrician's office called me at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday while I was having a nap. The message didn't say why she called and by the time I listened to it, the office was closed. I spent the entire evening worrying, but it turns out she called to say I don't have gestational diabetes. I am so relieved. 

2. The Tuesday New York Times Crossword this week was ridiculously hard. They are supposed to get harder from Monday to Saturday. (Sundays are like Thursdays, but bigger.) I almost always finish Wednesday without help, sometimes finish Thursday and seldom finish Friday. This was the first time I've had trouble with a Tuesday crossword.

3. Peter's last day of work was May 11. He got his new job on June 11. This past month has flown by.

4. Our baby flipped over so he or she is the right way up for the first time. Now our baby is kicking near my ribs instead of my hips.

5. While I was in Montreal on Monday, our neighbour knocked on our door and asked Peter if our orange cat was in her house. Mango had escaped from our house, walked into her house and started attacking her cats.

6. I wish I knew how to get telemarketers off the phone without being rude. I don't have a problem saying no, but I hate being rude. When I refuse nicely, they just keep talking. Every phone call ends with me getting angry, feeling guilty, and reporting them to the Do Not Call Registry. I wish everyone would stop giving telemarketers their money and then the business model would become unprofitable.

7. Peter and I have only been to Hamilton once. We spent about four hours there two years ago eating dinner and watching the Hamilton Tigers-Cats beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (They ate 'em raw.) This isn't the first time we've moved to an unfamiliar city. Neither of us had been to Ottawa before we moved here and Peter also moved to Red Deer, Alta., without visiting first.

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  1. #6 Perhaps, "Sir/Ma'am, excuse me, but I don't purchase from telemarketers. Let's just say good-bye now so you can get on to your next call."

    Not that I'm always that nice... sometimes just hanging up is better than telling them waht i think of telemarketers. :)