Friday, June 22, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (7)

1. Here is an actual conversation from this week:
Carolynne: You know that song "Call Me Maybe"?
Peter: No.
Carolynne: Wow. This is just like that time when I told you I didn't know who Lanny McDonald was.

2. Peter saw that Burger King has started serving bacon sundaes and is now planning to make his own version. Here's a photo of a KFC Double Down that Peter made:

Yes, that's a breaded chicken breast instead of a bun.

3. I went out for dinner this week with a bunch of ladies from church. We played a game where the organizer listed a bunch of random items and you got a poker chip for each one you had in your purse. I only got two poker chips, one for having lipstick and another for having a book. The only person who got fewer chips than me was our priest, who was invited as a special guest. Among the things I didn't have were a cloth handkerchief, a rosary, a photo, a safety pin, hand sanitizer and cigarettes.

4. Four sets of potential buyers are coming to look at our house today. We are crossing our fingers and cat paws.

5. A moving company sent a representative yesterday to look at our home and give us an estimate. The average three-bedroom home has between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds of stuff. Based on an online calculator, we thought we had just under 5,000 pounds, but we actually only have 4,500 pounds. This move is going to be cheaper than we thought.

6. Today is my mother's birthday. My sister's birthday was last week, Father's Day was earlier this week and my brother's birthday is next week. June is a big month for our family.

7. The NHL schedule was released yesterday and the Winnipeg Jets aren't coming to Vancouver or Calgary in 2012-13. Hopefully Peter will be able to go to a game in Winnipeg sometime this season.

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