Monday, June 11, 2012

Staying at Home

After we lost our jobs last month, Peter and I decided that he would be the only one to look for work.

Logistically, this makes sense. I'm almost six months pregnant and my belly is enormous, which means it would be difficult for me to find employment.

Jobs in journalism are also difficult to find, which is why we'll probably have to move to wherever Peter finds work. The chance of us both finding jobs in journalism in the same location is slim to none.

Plus, I was planning to change careers soon anyway. I've finished two years of law school and I only have one to go. Now I'll probably end up staying home with the baby until he or she is 11 months old and then go back to school full-time.

Thankfully, my severance package is set up so that I'm still eligible for a year of maternity-leave benefits. That is such a relief and a blessing.

Despite all these reasons, this was a difficult decision for me. Aside from cleaning and organizing, domestic tasks certainly aren't my specialty.

I also love to work. I started my first job in journalism before I finished my master's degree and I've been working since.

I have absolute confidence in Peter's ability to find a job and provide for our family. I'm just praying for the same confidence in myself to fulfill the role our family needs right now.

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