Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Unknown

One of the hardest things about losing our jobs is "the unknown."

I now realize that the chance of us staying in Ottawa is virtually none and the chance of us being in Ottawa when the baby is born is slim to none.

I'm not worried about Peter getting a job. He has tons of experience, a variety of skills, great references and, best of all, a solid reputation in the business.

I'm also not concerned about selling our home or buying a home somewhere else. Our house here is a starter home in a great location and we'll price it to sell. We also have tons of equity so we'll be able to afford something no matter where we move.

But there are so many things that are still unknown.

Where we'll be living: 

We could end up somewhere where we already have a support network of family and friends (almost anywhere in B.C., Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary). Or we could end up somewhere where we know no one (anywhere east of Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatchewan).

I only knew two people in Ottawa when I moved here almost five years ago, so I know I can make friends wherever we go. But dealing with "the unknown" is still hard.

When we'll be moving:

Once Peter gets a job, they will probably want him to start right away. This means he'll fly to wherever we are moving and I'll stay here, pack and sell our home.

The move could be weeks from now or it could be months from now. I'm just praying the renovations are finished by then.

How much the move will cost: 

According to calculators on the Internet, our move will cost between $1,500 and $11,000 depending on where we're moving to. If the cost is near the upper end of that range, we decided it would be cheaper to sell everything and start over.

What do to with the stuff stored in our basement:

My brother, who is in France studying for a year, stored all his furniture in our basement. We'll have to find a home for it before we move.

What do to about the cats:

We will bring them with us, of course, but getting them to wherever we are going will be a challenge. Mango loves road trips, but the other two can't handle being in a car for a few minutes, let alone a few hours.

Where I will finish my law degree:

I still have 10 courses to go. I know I'll finish my degree, but it might not be at the University of Ottawa.

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