Sunday, July 15, 2012

30 Weeks

I'm so excited to be three-quarters finished my pregnancy. I can't wait to meet our baby!

Inanimate comparison: Cucumber. I don't really understand this comparison, so let's move on.

Maternity clothes: Because it's so hot, I end up wearing the same few outfits every day. But I still have a few non-maternity clothes in my rotation.

Stretch marks: None.

Sleep: Not great this week.

Best moment this week: Selling our house! Also, my sister coming to visit. She arrived late last night. I am so grateful that she took time off work and flew across the country to help me.

Miss anything: Peter. Ten more days until we're reunited.

Movement: Lots of kicking, especially at night and after I eat.

Cravings: None. I haven't been that hungry lately either.

Sickness: None.

Gender: I'm no longer convinced we're having a girl.

Labour signs: I think I may have had my first Braxton Hicks this week, but I'm not sure.

Symptoms: The weirdest thing happened this week. I was walking out of our bedroom and one of my legs went weak. It didn't hurt and it only lasted for a few seconds. According to the Internet, this pregnancy symptom is not uncommon and happens when the baby presses on the sciatic nerve. I was very grateful I didn't fall down and that it hasn't happened since.

Belly button: Still in.

Wedding rings: Still on.

Happy or moody: A little of both. I'm very happy that Laura is here.

Looking forward to: My reunion with Peter in 10 days.

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