Monday, July 30, 2012

First Anniversary

A year ago today I married my best friend. I am so lucky to be Peter's wife!

Even though this year didn't turn out how we had planned, our team has never been stronger.

Here is our year in numbers:

Cats: 3 (Thankfully, the same number as when we got married.)
Jobs lost: 2 (one each)
Jobs gained: 1 1/2 (both Peter's)
Houses sold: 1 1/2 (the same home)
Houses bought: 1
Inter-provincial moves: 1
Written-off cars: 1 (Our car broke down the same day we were laid off and a week after we fixed the transmission. Worst timing ever!)
Glorious mini vans: 1
Days spent apart: ~40 (Way too many!)
Provinces visited: 7 (We both lived in Ontario and B.C. and visited Manitoba and Quebec. Peter covered the CIS Basketball Championship in Nova Scotia and drove through Alberta and Saskatchewan.)
Other countries visited: 1 (We went to Washington in November.)
Pregnancies: 2 (One ended sadly in October.)
Years of law school completed: 1 (One more to go.)
Visits from family: 4 (Peter's brother visited a lot during the school year, Peter's mother visited in February, my father visited in May and my sister visited in July.)
Visits to family: 2 (We visited Peter's immediate family in Winnipeg in August and his extended family in Toronto in April.)
Sports games: ~44 (2 football, ~4 baseball, ~8 hockey, ~30 basketball. Can you tell Peter loves sports?)

Here are some glorious photos of our wedding:

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