Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So far we only know one thing for sure about our baby . . . he or she will have blue eyes.

According to my high school biology class and the Internet, if both parents have blue eyes, their children will also have blue eyes.

Here are other dominant genetic traits that the baby could inherit, according to the Internet:

• Widow's peak (Peter has one, I don't.)
• Detached earlobes (I have them, Peter doesn't.)
• A rolling tongue (I have one, Peter doesn't.)
• Freckles (I have them, Peter doesn't.)
• Normal vision (Peter has it, I don't.)
• Dark hair (Peter has it, I don't.)
• No cleft chin (Neither of us have one.)
• No dimples (Neither of us have them.)

I'll report back in September with the results. 

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