Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newlywed Advice

Since I am no longer a newlywed as of yesterday, I suppose I'm now qualified to give advice to other newlyweds.

Katie is hosting a link-up to celebrate her second wedding anniversary. So here is my contribution:

1. Don't expect your spouse to change
If Peter and I had gone into our marriage thinking he would eventually stop being obsessed with sports and I would eventually stop being obsessed with cats, we both would have been very disappointed.
I know that's a silly example, but I've seen many of my friends become disappointed when they realize that their spouse didn't become more responsible/considerate/ambitious/educated/sociable/hard-working/etc. after they got married.
I am so grateful that Peter accepts me as I am. And, since Peter is glorious in every way, it is easy for me to do the same.

2. Don't be surprised when your spouse does change
Peter has changed in two ways since we got married.
First, he's much so much cleaner now than when he lived in his bachelor pad. What a pleasant surprise for me!
Second, after I got pregnant he told me he didn't like hyphenated last names.
I kept my maiden name when we got married and I just assumed that our baby would have both our last names.
Fortunately, since I love hyphenated last names, I had an easy solution.
I decided to hyphenate my last name so I will share part of my name with Peter and our baby.
And, as an added bonus, we've now escaped the logistical issue of fitting 15 letters onto the back of a hockey/football/soccer/basketball/rugby/lacrosse/baseball jersey if our baby is lucky enough to inherit Peter's athletic ability. That would have been a challenge!

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