Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Photos

I have writer's block today, so here are some glorious photos I have saved on my computer (in a folder appropriately called "Glorious Photos"). About 90 per cent of the folder is photos of my cats and other peoples' cats, but I'll spare you those ones.

Me modelling the Vancouver Canucks snuggie Peter bought me for a gift.

Me and my former boss with pictures his children drew.

Me pretending to be Roberto Luongo on my parents' ice rink.

My Dad's family (minus me, my brother Paul and my cousin Andrew) at my grandparents' property on the Sunshine Coast.

An aerial view of my parents' home when the river flooded in 2007. It looks like they have a moat.

My sister Laura and sister-in-law Andrea snowboarding.

My mother and sister on the top of Mount Pope.

My parents skiing and wearing matching outfits.

My brother fighting forest fires.

Me and Peter posing in the rain. 

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