Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Things

• Peter just finished his first day of work at the Prince George Citizen and now he's meeting with a realtor to find us a new home. He is the best!

• We have another potential buyer coming to look at our house tomorrow. 

• I had a cat-filled day today. Mango, Big Papi and Lola hang out with me all the time now that Peter's in Prince George. Plus, I am cat-sitting my girlfriend's two cats this week. (Just to clarify, they are staying at her house. Five cats in one small home is insane even for this crazy cat lady.) Also today, our neighbour's cat came over to harass Mango through the window and I saw another neighbourhood cat on patrol. 

• I finished my memos on the ethics of expert witnesses and submitted them to my professor this morning. They took me 64 hours to research and write. I'm so thrilled to be done.

• The only good thing about living apart from Peter is that I can buy skim milk again. (Milk is the only thing he's picky about.)

• I love reading, I love libraries and I love eBooks, but I hate bookstores. I had to buy The Sisters Brothers from Chapters for my book club this month and I was not pleased. The book was misfiled so it took me more than 30 minutes to find it and then it cost twice as much as the eBook. 

• My mother and brother are in Berlin on vacation right now and my poor brother is sick. 

• I just watched the Full House re-run of Jesse and Becky's wedding and it was glorious. 

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