Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Things

• Our latest and hopefully last buyer looked at our house on June 24. At that time we had another bid, so all the other showings were cancelled. We knew we had a showing scheduled for Sunday while we were at mass and we couldn't confirm whether it had been cancelled so we made sure the place was clean and tidy before we left. When we got home, nothing had been moved and the lights hadn't been turned off so we thought the showing had been cancelled. Thankfully it wasn't!

• We had rain on Sunday for the first time in forever . . . I think it was before Peter left Ottawa. Now we've had rain three times during the past three days.

• I'm getting much better at giving Big Papi her medicine. The first few times I ended up squirting it all over her face and then she kicked me in the stomach. Neither of us were pleased.

• I am on track to run out of cat food, vinegar, milk and toilet paper by the time I leave next week. I'm happy I will have less to move and give away.

• One of my jerkface neighbours reported my awesome neighbour's awesome cats for violating condo rules and now they aren't allowed to come to visit anymore. Cats are not allowed on unsupervised patrols in our neighbourhood. They have to be in our yards or on a leash. Fortunately, no one reported Mango during her Sunday night escapade

• One of my friends said my belly made me look like a right-angle triangle. That is a pretty accurate description.

• Laura and I went to the wave pool on Monday. I had forgotten how awesome wave pools are. We bobbed up and down with all the little kids until Laura got seasick and we had to leave and swim in the grown-up pool.

• I am leaving Ottawa in a week. I'm so excited to see Peter again!

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