Monday, July 23, 2012

Random Things

• We've had another issue with the house sale. It hasn't fallen through yet, but we could still use your prayers and fingers and cat paws crossed. I am really hoping this will all be finalized soon.

• Here is an actual conversation from earlier this week:
Carolynne: If anything else goes wrong in my life, I'm thinking of writing a book called The Year Everything Went Wrong.
Laura: How about The Year the Universe Took a Gigantic Dump on my Life?
Carolynne: And the chapter that just ended could be called Hot, Fat and Alone.
Laura: And the chapter now could be called Hippie to the Rescue: My cat smells like patchouli, there's tofu in my fridge, but at least my shit got packed.

• My sister and I look very similar aside from the dreadlocks, piercings and tattoos (hers) and the enormous belly (mine).
On Saturday, my former boss and his family came over to visit.
Here is a conversation Laura had with his 11-year-old daughter:
Laura: Hi! You must be Carolynne's friends. I'm her sister.
Boss' daughter: Oh! I was going to say, "Carolynne has really changed her look!"

• Peter has two beats at his new job: health and the Enbridge pipeline controversy. Here is a story he wrote about the pipeline that includes a glorious reference to drunken, fighting apes.

• Here is a glorious photo of me, Laura and my friend Linda this weekend. (I am developing a knack for hiding my enormous belly in photos.)

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