Friday, July 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (10)

1. Here is an actual conversation I had with my Dad the other day:
Carolynne: What are you doing today, Dad?
Dad: I'm digging thistles out of the lawn. I don't want any grandchildren to prick their feet.

The cute part about this conversation is that my Dad doesn't actually have any grandchildren. I'm having my parents' first grandchild in September and my siblings won't be having kids for another few years yet. 
My Dad is really planning ahead.

2. Aside from a few photos on my camera in B.C., my scrapbooks are now up-to-date. I try to make one for Peter for his birthday and Christmas each year. I've only failed once!

3. Big Papi is on the mend. Thank goodness for antibiotics! She was extremely well-behaved in the car and at the vet. I was shocked and pleased. This bodes well for her incredible journey coming up later this month.

4. I always feel relieved when our friends have babies and don't use our baby names. I'm even relieved when celebrities don't use our baby names because people often copy them and I don't want our children to have trendy names. Fortunately, Penelope Scotland did not make our shortlist. 

5. Apparently the patron saint to help you sell your home is St. Joseph. Now I know who to direct my prayers to!

6. When I was walking home from the bank yesterday, the Google Streetview car passed me. The website takes about a year to update so get excited for July 2013 when you can see a picture of me with a blurred face, walking slowly, wearing bright pink and looking extra pregnant.

7. An American law professor wrote a glorious law review article analyzing Jay-Z's "99 Problems." I know absolutely nothing about American criminal procedure (in fact, I barely know anything about Canadian criminal procedure because I'm not specializing in criminal law), but the article is still hilarious.

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