Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (11)

1. My Dad's twin brother and his wife got married when I was about eight months old. I wore a beautiful green dress to their wedding that my Mom kept to give to my daughter. Now their oldest son is getting married when our baby will be (you guessed it!) eight months old. Maybe this is a sign we're having a little girl?

2. Don is my first cousin to get married and I am so excited already. I absolutely love weddings.

3. I had my last doctor's appointment in Ottawa on Tuesday. The receptionist printed out my medical record to take to B.C. My favourite part of my record was where my doctor checked off that he had no "parenting concerns" with me or Peter. 

4. Our first wedding anniversary is on July 30. My sister and sister-in-law Andrea are celebrating their second anniversary two days later on Aug. 1 and my parents are celebrating their 32nd on Aug. 2. I think my brother should get married on July 31 so we can all have back-to-back-to-back-to-back anniversaries. We've likely got a few years to wait until my brother gets married since he's only 24. 

5. My sister is vegan so I took her to a vegan buffet for lunch. The restaurant even had vegan chocolate cheesecake! (I don't know how you make chocolate cheesecake without chocolate or cheese, but they managed.) She was very excited. 

6. My sister, brother and I all got audited this year. This is Laura's first time, but I've been audited the past two years and Paul's been audited the past three years. Peter thinks the government will audit me every year that I'm in law school because I'm claiming so many tuition credits. 

7. Here, here and here are some excellent articles Peter wrote this week. I'm so proud of him!

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