Friday, July 27, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (12)

1. On my journey to Prince George on Wednesday, my plane stopped in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. When I arrived in Edmonton from Winnipeg, I asked a flight attendant if someone could check that Big Papi and Lola were still safely stored in cargo. She said she would ask the pilot. About 10 minutes later, the pilot came to my seat and showed me a photo on his iPhone of the two cats sitting in their cages looking calm and adorable. I was so thrilled to see them. WestJet is the best!

2. My cats coped way better on the plane than I thought they were going to. Mango was with me in the cabin and was quiet the entire time. The person sitting beside me said he didn't even know there was a cat stored under my seat until we landed. When we picked up Lola and Big Papi in Prince George, they were calm and relaxed. I was pleasantly surprised.

3. Yesterday, I ate yogurt with berries from my parents' garden for lunch. They were amazing.

4. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers came from behind last night to win their first game by one point. Peter was thrilled! The Bombers are now 1-4 but, as Peter pointed out, the B.C. Lions were 0-5 to start last year and they still won the Grey Cup. I joined Peter to watch the second half of the game. I'm very bad at football because I always forget the rules and names of the positions. At least I'm enthusiastic!

5. Remember when I said I planned ahead for Peter's birthday this year? I just realized the scrapbook I made him is packed up in the moving truck with the rest of our belongings. I won't get it back until Aug. 18 . . . seven days too late. I feel like such a failure! Thankfully I bought him another little gift that is on its way here right now. I'm vowing right now to clean up my act for his 32nd birthday in 2013. 

6. Peter and I met at work four years ago during the Beijing Olympics. He was working in the sports department so his boss assigned him to the 4 a.m. to noon shift to deal with the time difference. I worked days my first week so our shifts overlapped for a few hours. I remember thinking he was very handsome!

7. Here is the cutest note ever from my Dad:

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