Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even More Random Things

• Can you believe that our baby is due in 3 1/2 weeks? I can't believe it either!

• Strangely, I spent the first half of my pregnancy thinking and hoping that we were having a girl because I always pictured myself having a baby girl. Then I spent the second half of my pregnancy thinking and hoping we were having a boy because boys are so much fun and I am totally in love with our boy's name (our girl's name is glorious, but our boy's name is particularly glorious). And now I have no idea whether we're having a boy or a girl and I really do not mind. I know we will be thrilled either way.

• I really wanted our baby to be a Roots of Empathy volunteer, but he or she will not be old enough when the program starts in October. I am very disappointed! 

• My doctor recommended that I sleep on my left because it can improve my blood flow. I've started propping myself up on a mountain of pillows and it's surprisingly comfortable.

• Peter gave his family a tour of our home on Skype by carrying around our laptop and it worked surprisingly well. I will post photos of our new home soon!

• Laura and I drove to my parents' house last night to see my brother who is leaving to go back to Ottawa tomorrow for university. We were trying to think of the last time that our immediate family spent time together just the five of us and the last time we could remember was Christmas 2005 when my parents' home was still under construction and I was still in grad school. That was a long time ago! 

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