Friday, August 3, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (13)

1. I'm trying to talk my family into entering a team in the Prince George Iceman next year. The Iceman is a relay race with a eight-kilometre ski, 10-kilometre run, five-kilometre skate, five-kilometre run and 800-metre swim. We did it as a family years ago with my Dad skiing, Paul and Laura running, me skating and my Mom swimming. (Mom and I are definitely the weak links in the family. I inherited my lack of athletic ability from her.) This time, since Paul will be away at university, I was thinking my Dad could ski again, Laura and I could run, Peter could skate and my Mom could swim. (The weak links would remain the same.)  So far only Peter is keen, but I have six months to talk the rest of them into it.

2. My Mom has already knit three tiny sweaters for our baby. She's now taking a break from knitting for her grandchild to knit for her girlfriend's grandchild. Unlike my lack of athletic ability, I did not inherit my mother's amazing creative talents.

3. At mass on Sunday, Father Doug announced that Peter and I were celebrating our first anniversary and everyone clapped and cheered. He's the priest who married us last year here in my home parish. Peter was a little worried when he found out he was a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan!

4. After a week of eating the delicious fruits and vegetables from my parents' garden, I'm so excited to start our own next year. We decided we're going to begin with things like potatoes and rhubarb that are relatively easy to grow and then, if we're successful, we can expand from there.

5. I have a new philosophy when it comes to buying footwear: I have to spend money to save money. I hate spending money, especially on myself, so I've been buying the cheapest winter boots and cheapest sandals for years. The problem is that I have to replace them routinely, which ends up costing me more. When my sister came to visit, she brought her sandals that she's had since high school. (She also hates spending money.) I was amazed and impressed they lasted so long! 

6. One of the best things about our new home, according to Peter, is that the backyard is perfect for a skating rink. He's already excited about building our baby his or her own rink. Too bad he'll have to wait three years. 

7. My brother is sick. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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