Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Things

• Saturday was Peter's 31st birthday. Here's a glorious photo of us celebrating with my parents. Peter is wearing his "Established in 1981" shirt from his mother and showing off his Pete the Cat book from my mother:

• Here's a hilarious and embarrassing story: I went for a walk with my Dad to his friend's house on Friday. My Dad is not a great walking companion because he tends to walk at his own pace and ignore everyone else's limitations. His friend's house is up a huge hill and by the time I got to the top, my Dad had gone through the gate and was talking to his friend. I walked up to the gate and was shocked to realize that I couldn't fit through! I stood helplessly at the gate until my Dad's friend noticed me standing there and opened up the horse entrance for me. Apparently at eight months pregnant, I am no longer a person, I am a horse!

• On a related topic, Peter and I both looked up our Olympic Body Matches on the BBC website. Apparently Peter is built like a swimmer and, at eight months pregnant, I am built like a male soccer player.

• Peter and I played my parents' British version of Trivial Pursuit on Saturday night and we were completely useless. We're usually pretty good at Trivial Pursuit. (Peter is especially good and always beats me.) The Saturday game took forever and everyone else was in bed by the time we amended the rules enough to declare a winner.

• Our baby now has a Winnipeg Jets jersey, Winnipeg Jets slippers and Winnipeg Jets soothers. I think the chance of him or her becoming a Vancouver Canucks fan is becoming slimmer and slimmer!

• I'm thinking of rejoining Facebook to keep in touch with my Ottawa friends, but I'm still weighing the pros and cons.

• I did the Saturday New York Times crossword last week for the first time in ages. I hate the Saturday crossword because it is too hard for me so I end up looking up esoteric American cultural references on the Internet. This week's edition included "Longtime Tanglewood Figure" (Ozawa) and "Like President James K. Polk" (Eleventh). Yikes!

• Peter and I are going to the Vanderhoof Fall Fair on Friday so he can get the whole Vanderhoof experience before our move on Saturday.

• Also, because the cat content of this blog post is dangerously low, here's a picture of Lola, our very large tortoiseshell, squeezing herself into a very small box:

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