Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (15)

1. This is my 100th post. Here are some pictures of our cats celebrating this feat:

Don't they look excited?

2. Here are some glorious photos of my friend Caroline's visit:


3. Peter and I were laying in bed a couple of nights ago and we heard a huge smash. I knew that one of the cats was the culprit so I went downstairs to investigate. After I cleaned up the mess, I had two items of good news and two items of bad news to share with Peter.
Bad news: Mango had obviously been on the counter and Mango knows she is not allowed on the counter. I knew Mango was to blame because Big Papi is too afraid to go downstairs and Lola can't jump that high.
Good news: Mango broke a cheap glass vase. I was so worried she had shattered one of my mother's treasures!
Bad news: I couldn't find the light switch so I walked right through the glass.
Good news: Through some miracle, I didn't cut myself.

4. In the past week, my sister Laura and I have both dreamed that I am having a boy. This is really odd since I seldom have dreams and Laura has really strange dreams where she visits the same mall that she's never been to in real life.

5. Our cross-Canada move ended up being about $1,500 cheaper than we thought it was going to be. It was cheaper than the price quote, even when we added the three weeks of storage. What a blessing!

6. We get the keys to the new house later today and move in tomorrow morning. I've driven by the house twice, but I still haven't seen the inside. Our realtor emailed me to tell me she's always nervous when a husband buys a house without his wife, but she's sure I'm going to like this house. I'm sure too!

7.  The Blue Bombers won again. Peter is so happy. Strangely, I've only watched two second halves this season and both were come-from-behind wins. (They were also the Bombers' only two wins.) I must be good luck! 

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  1. I have a cat just like your Mango! Always causing trouble and he's an orange Tabby. We have a grey tabby that is trouble too..