Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (16)

1. We moved in last Saturday and our house is completely unpacked. It's amazing how much work you get done when you have no Internet and no TV! On Saturday we had three helpers.

Paul hung up pictures.

Laura took Lola out for a constitutional. 

And Caroline had a nap on the grass. 

Actually, Laura and Caroline also worked extremely hard. I was just negligent in my photographer duties at that time. 

2. My parents were away on a hiking trip last weekend so they couldn't help with the unpacking. They showed up just in time for the barbecue.

Peter is an amazing cook. I am so spoiled.

Sadly my sister-in-law Andrea was at work on Saturday, but here's the rest of the family:

And here's one of the siblings:

3. I had my first B.C. prenatal checkup on Tuesday.
Here is the good news: The baby is healthy, I am healthy and everything looks great. The baby is even the right way up!
Here is the bad news: The doctor changed my due date. Boo hiss! At my first prenatal appointment in Ottawa in January, my doctor said I was due on Sept. 23. (That date was corroborated by the Internet.) Then when I went for my 18-week ultrasound, my doctor revised my due date to Sept. 22. Now the B.C. doctor said by her calculations I'm due on Sept. 24.

4. Expectant parent fail: When we were setting up the baby's room we came across a bunch of oddly shaped baby items that our family and friends have given us. We couldn't figure out what they were!

Here's Peter modelling the strange items:

5. My mother-in-law is coming to visit on Oct. 10. I am already excited! Even with my revised due date, we will definitely have a baby by that time. The last day the baby could possibly be born is Oct. 8. One benefit of having an overdue baby is that we're eligible for B.C. health insurance as of Oct. 1. The strangest thing would be if I go into labour on Sept. 30 and give birth on Oct. 1. Ontario would pay for my labour and B.C. would pay for the birth!

6. My project for one of my professors was due this week. I spent three days working at the public library because we didn't have Internet access until today. Peter dropped me off each day before he went to work at 8:30 a.m. Unfortunately, the library doesn't open until 10 a.m. so I had to sit outside and leech off the wireless Internet like a hobo. At least the weather was warm!

7. We've already met several of our neighbours. Everyone is so friendly. Coincidentally, the woman who lives across the street is from Winnipeg and so is the woman who lives two doors down. Peter is surrounded by his countrywomen!

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