Friday, August 31, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (17)

1. We had our first prenatal class last night and it was glorious. I learned tons! I was worried that the class would make me feel stressed out about going into labour, but instead the opposite happened. I wasn't overly concerned about the labour process before and I'm even less concerned now. I know it's not going to be fun, but I'm just so excited to meet our baby.

2. My brother left yesterday for Ottawa — via Vancouver — for his last semester of his undergrad. Here's a picture of us on Tuesday:

3. My mother and sister are throwing me a baby shower next weekend and, instead of buying me random baby things, the guests are going to buy me cloth diapers. I'm so excited about the shower and the diapers! 

4. Today is the last day to vote in my poll. Right now most people think we're having a boy.

5. My sister and I have decided to have a reality TV fest every Monday night. She doesn't have a TV so I will PVR all her favourite shows and then we will watch them together and have sisterly bonding time. 

6. Peter has the day off today so we're going to the Downtown Historic Walking Tour to learn more about Prince George. Peter loves history and I love walking tours so we're both looking forward to it.

7. Peter's cousin is getting married this weekend in Calgary. I'm so sad we can't go! Peter is working on Monday and, with the baby due in three weeks, we decided a 12-hour drive each way is not a good idea.

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