Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Things

• Peter did the play-by-play for the Spruce Kings' pre-season game on Saturday night. Sadly, he wasn't on the radio so I couldn't listen. He has his big debut in less than two weeks. Get excited!

• Here's an actual conversation from this weekend:
Laura: Does my house smell like cats? Be honest.
Carolynne: No. But it does smell like hippies.

• I was going to post something about the Labour Day Classic, but Peter would be happier just forgetting that game ever occurred. Boo hiss to the Riders!

• I made a zucchini loaf using the zucchini from my father's garden and it was delicious.

• When we were at our first pre-natal class last week, the instructor asked us to describe our impressions of pregnancy. I was the only woman who had anything positive to say! On the drive home, Peter said he had thought of the same adjective that I used: exciting.

• Peter created a pool on Facebook for our friends to guess our baby's birthdate, weight, gender and name. He even came up with a complicated scoring algorithm. Peter has been organizing pools since elementary school. Hilariously, his parents received a call at home wondering why their child was soliciting money from his fellow students for gambling purposes.

• My blog poll ended this weekend with 19 votes: eight for girl and 11 for boy.

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  1. so glad you can say your pregnancy has been exciting. We are so excited too!