Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Things

• Despite predictions from my doctor, prenatal instructor, mother and husband that our baby would be here by now, I'm not in labour yet. But I'm perfectly happy with our baby taking his or her time. I'm in no rush.

• The labour predictions started on Sunday when I wasn't feeling well. But I felt much better yesterday and today.

• I'm particularly glad I didn't go into labour yesterday because Peter's boss sent him to cover a story in Burns Lake, which is 225 kilometres away. He had a very long day at work.

• In more Peter news, he was on the Winnipeg-based radio show Crime and Punishment with Mike McIntyre on Sunday to talk about about his story on the RCMP shooting death. You can listen to the podcast here. It is awesome!

• Last week I misjudged how much cat food the cats had left and they ended up running out of food the day before our grocery shop. We had some expensive canned food leftover from when Lola was sick so I fed them a few bites of that every few hours. I had to feed Mango by herself in the bathroom because she kept trying to steal her sisters' food and ignoring her own. After we went to bed, Lola got hungry again and woke Peter up by sitting on him to express her displeasure.

• We saw Peter's cousin on a Desjardins Insurance commercial on Sunday and we were very excited!

• Our baby now has a properly installed car seat. We went to the firehall a few blocks from our house and a fireman installed it for us for my favourite price: free!

• At my baby shower last week, we each had to write down a funny childhood story and then we had to guess whose story was whose.
Here was my story:
Once my sister and I were pretending we were altar servers.
She wouldn't listen to me so I hit her over the head with her baptismal candle and broke it.

Hilariously, everyone guessed it was my mother's story. She outed me by saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

• In related news, here's an actual conversation I had with my mother yesterday:
Mom: One of my students hit me on the arm today!
Carolynne: Oh my goodness! Are you OK?
Mom: Oh yes.
Carolynne: That is so crazy! No one has ever hit me ever! Well . . . except for Laura . . . and that's because I hit her first.

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