Saturday, October 6, 2012

Meet My Husband

I'm a few days late with this, but I was busy taking care of a not-quite-two-week-old baby. So here it goes:
Introduce us to your husband! (What's his name? How old? What does he look like?)

My husband's name is Peter and he's 31 years old. His most distinctive feature is his blue eyes. He even gets compliments from strangers on how glorious they are! Here is a photo:

What is your husband's favourite thing to do?

Peter loves sports, especially Canadian football, hockey, NASCAR, U.S. college football, Canadian college basketball and curling. He also loves politics, listening to podcasts and cooking.

What does your husband do Monday-Friday?

Peter is a newspaper reporter. His reporting beats are health and the Northern Gateway pipeline. I'm so proud of him!

What was the first thing you noticed about your husband when you met?

I saw Peter in the office before I met him and I thought he was really handsome. This was during the Beijing Olympics so Peter began work in the early morning because of the time difference and finished work just after I got there in the early afternoon.
I met Peter for the first time when my boss sent me over to his side of the office to ask another reporter a question about his story. I had no idea who the reporter was, so I went and asked Peter and his boss in the sports department. After I left, Peter said, "Who was that?"
We actually met a few weeks later when a bunch of people from work got together at the bar. Peter had got back from his parents' cabin. Randomly, I had seen his vacation photos on Facebook because his friend who was also at the cabin was my friend on Facebook. (Journalism is a very small world.)

What is your husband's best quality? 

Peter has a million wonderful qualities. But if I had to pick only one it would probably be his loyal and giving nature. When Peter graduated from high school he won an award for being a "Man For Others." To me, that pretty much epitomizes Peter. He is such a supportive and wonderful husband.

What is your husband's biggest pet peeve?

I had to ask Peter about this one and he said he doesn't have a pet peeve. So I'll just say plagiarism. Once Peter and his friend Dave discovered that a reporter at one of Canada's biggest newspapers was plagiarizing his stories and he was subsequently fired.

How does your husband feel about blogging? 

He used to have an awesome blog about the Canadian Football League. It was glorious.

What is something you do/can do that makes your husband feel loved? 

Learn more about his hobbies. (I still don't know much about football, but I'm getting better.) Remind him how glorious he is. Keep our home clean and organized. Take care of our daughter.

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  1. You two are adorable! You are so proud of him, I can feel it from your words and that is so amazing. It's so important to build one another up! Thanks for linking up with us :)