Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Things

• Last week at the Breastfeeding Support Group, a 10-month-old tried to hit Mary with a block and steal her soother. Fortunately no babies were actually harmed and no soothers were stolen. That baby's mother felt horrible, but I thought the whole thing was pretty amusing.

• Some new moms invited me for coffee last week. Hurray for potential new friends!

• Yesterday we learned that it is overly ambitious to take a four-week-old baby to a two-hour-long ordination mass and then to a church potluck. Mary lasted about one hour and 45 minutes before waking up hungry and starting to cry. Poor girl! We didn't even make it to the potluck.

• The library is starting free baby sign language classes in November. We are very excited!

• Mary loves her bath and she hates getting out. Two nights ago, both Peter and I had to pry her out of the bath because she had an extra tight grip on the side. I was very impressed with how strong she is!

• Here is a family photo taken last week at my parents' house:

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