Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (22)

1. Unlike most people in Prince George, neither Peter nor I felt the earthquake last night. He was at the Spruce Kings game and I was at home with Mary at 8 p.m. I didn't even know there was an earthquake until I heard about it from Peter on the radio. He did the pre-game, post-game and both intermission shows.

2. Winter has come to Prince George. Peter even had to shovel the driveway this morning! Usually I hate winter because I'm freezing cold all the time but since I got pregnant I don't get freezing cold anymore. It's so strange!

3. I am so thrilled with Mary's new sleeping routine. She goes to bed when we go to bed, wakes up to eat twice and then sleeps until Peter's alarm goes off in the morning. Here is a photo of our adorable sleeping baby:

(She doesn't usually wear hats to sleep. Grandma put her hat on for the photo.)

4. In other important Mary news, she now has a baby mullet. The hair on the back of her head is growing quicker than the hair on the front of her head. But she is still so cute!

5. I entered a photo of Mary dressed as a strawberry in the Prince George Citizen Halloween contest. Unfortunately, she was disqualified because Peter is an employee. Here is the photo:

6. Yesterday began as a very bad football day for Peter when the Blue Bombers were eliminated from playoff contention. But yesterday ended as a very good football game for Peter when Notre Dame beat Oklahoma. They are now 8-0!

7. Peter taped Akeela and the Bee for me on the PVR. It is the cutest movie ever! I love nerdy sports.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so precious! Love the little owl pajamas :) My sister had a mullet when she was around 3, though hers was the result of chopping off one of her little pigtails. Hopefully this is the only time your little one will experience that lovely hairstyle! ;)