Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (27)

1. Here is a conversation Mary and I had at mass today:
Mary (very loudly): Goo! Ga! Goo! Ga! (Translation: More singing! Less listening! More dancing! Less sitting!)
Carolynne (very quietly): No, Mary. It is Fr. Tom's turn to talk. I will tell you when it is your turn.
Mary (even more loudly): Goo! Ga! Goo! Ga!

2. Today, I accidentally locked Mango in the food cupboard. I could hear her meowing, but I didn't realize she was meowing for a reason because she often meows for no reason. When I finalized realized what had happened, I freed her and told her the story of the Cat Who Meowed Wolf. Hopefully she learned her lesson!

3. In unrelated Mango news, the most-orange-of-cats has a new hobby: stealing Mary's toys. Every morning I wake up to toys scattered around our bedroom. She is just so proud of herself. I guess this is better than bringing us mice!

4. Yesterday, Mary had her fourth professional photoshoot. Her first was her newborn photoshoot that our friends from Ottawa gave us as a gift. Her second was the photoshoot with two other babies for the front cover of the Prince George Citizen's Babies of 2012 special edition. (The babies of employees get to appear on the cover.) Her third was her Santa photoshoot. And the fourth, yesterday, was a gift to my parents from me and my siblings.

5. In breaking Mary news: Our little daughter has put herself on an eating schedule. She now eats every four hours, except at night when she only gets up once to eat between 8:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. I am so thrilled with this new routine!

6. Mary got an early Christmas gift earlier this month: a Bumbo. Doesn't she look very grown-up?

7. Yesterday, my sister asked me and Peter what was the most surprising thing about becoming parents. Peter said he was most surprised by how natural it was and how normal it felt to be Mary's Dad. I said I was surprised at how much I enjoy dressing Mary up and also how much I love staying home to take care of her. I love having this time off work and school, but I know I'll be ready to go back next September.

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  1. I love what you said about your cat, Mango. We have an orange cat, too. His name is Harry. Anyway, your story about ignoring Mango's meows bc she often meows for now reason...but she was actually locked in a cupboard made me laugh. That has happened to Harry, too. Fortunately, he doesn't "meow wolf" too much, so I was alerted to his confinement rather quickly!