Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (28)

1. Mary is moving into her own room tonight. I was planning to keep her in our room for a few more months but she is a very noisy baby and she keeps shouting and waking up Peter. (She's not crying because she needs something, she's shouting because she likes the sound of her own voice.) I'm looking forward to having our room to ourselves but I'm a bit nervous about Mary sleeping on her own. Wish us luck!

2. Here's a related conversation:
Carolynne: Mary is so loud! She shouts all the time!
My Mother: Hmmm . . . I wonder where she gets that from?
(In case you don't know me in real life, I have a very loud voice.)

3. Here's another recent conversation:
Carolynne: Is having a granddaughter the same as having a daughter?
My Father: No. It's so much better.
(Total burn on me!)

4. I have joined a stroller-fit class at the university fitness centre with some of my new mommy friends. I thought it would be an easy class that involved pushing our babies around the track in their strollers, but instead it's a hard-core class involving these weird rope things called TRX. Since I am the least athletic person in the world, it should be interesting. Fortunately, Mary loves the class. She gets to hang out in her stroller and watch or hang out on a mat with her baby friends or hang out on my mat with me or get carried around by the instructor.

5. I'm doing well with my  2013 goals.  I've done the Friday crosswords the past two weeks and last week I actually finished with only one letter worth of help from Peter! (The clue was Brooklyn player. I thought it was Met, but it was actually Net.) I've already made three new recipes and I'm making three more today. I haven't read any books yet, but I'm going to the library this week for Baby Song and Sign Language so I'll pick up some new books then.

6. Mary has learned how to use her hands! It's amazing seeing her develop and change. A few days ago, she was sitting on my knee and she grabbed my dinner and dumped salsa all over herself. It was hilarious. She now has to play on her activity mat while we eat dinner.

7. In some photos, Mary looks like she has a unibrow because of the shadow on her forehead. I think she looks like this baby:

What do you think?

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  1. What do I think??!!?? I think that in no way does our baby look like the unibrow baby from the Simpsons.