Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year In Review

2012 didn't at all turn out like I was expecting. It was a year of high highs and low lows.

When the year started Peter and I were living in Ottawa and working at a national newswire service. I was also in my second year of law school.

So here is our year in review:

We find out we're expecting another baby. (I spend the next three months alternating between being ecstatically happy and absolutely terrified that I'm going to miscarry again.)
I start and finish Civil Procedure in my law school's condensed semester. 

I begin another semester of law school.
Peter's mother comes to visit and we go to Winterlude.
We have an early ultrasound and our baby has a heartbeat!
I start a book club with some of my girlfriends.
I help to organize the Reconfiguring Mentorship seminar.

Peter travels to Halifax to cover the CIS Men's Basketball Championships. (His alma mater wins again!)
I get offered a spot on the Law Review's senior editorial board.
One of my professors hires me to do some research over the summer.
We announce that we're expecting a baby.

I finish my second year of law school.
We spend Easter in the Toronto area to visit Peter's family and my friend Allison.
We have another ultrasound to check our baby's development and everything looks great!

I resurrect my blog.
Peter and I lose our jobs when the national newswire service we were working for shuts down. (I spend the rest of the month crying.)
The same day we lose our jobs, our car breaks down.
Peter starts applying for jobs all over Canada.
Another of my professors hires me to do research.
My Dad comes to visit to help us get our house ready to sell. 

I travel to Montreal with my friend Charlotte.
Peter is offered a job in Hamilton. We tell everyone and make plans to move.
Four days later, Peter is offered a job in Prince George. We decide to move there instead.
Our house goes on the market. We get an offer, but it falls through.
I get a freelance contract with Foreign Affairs.
My friend Inta throws me a baby shower.
Peter leaves for Prince George via Winnipeg and I stay in Ottawa until our house sells.

Peter starts his new job in Prince George.
My sister takes two weeks off work and flies from Prince George to Ottawa to help me pack. She is the best sister ever!
We sell our house.
Peter buys us a house.
My friend Linda comes to visit from Toronto.
I fly to Prince George from Ottawa with the three cats.
We stay at my parents' house until we take possession on our new house.
We celebrate our first anniversary.

My brother and mother come home from Europe.
We find out my brother has malaria.
My friend Caroline comes to visit.
Peter turns 31.
We move into our new house.
Another one of my professors hires me to edit a book.

My mother and sister throw me a baby shower.
I join another book club.
Peter covers a crazy story about a police shooting.
Peter starts doing play-by-play for the Spruce Kings.
Baby Mary is born!

Mary makes her first friends.
Peter starts covering the Northern Gateway hearings.
My mother-in-law comes to visit.
Mary discovers that day is day and night is night and her parents celebrate.
Mary is one month old.

Mary attends her first live sporting event.
Peter's mother, father and sister come to visit.
Mary gets baptised.
Mary is two months old.

We travel to Winnipeg for Christmas.
Mary is three months old.

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  1. Hello, Prayer Buddy! Sounds like it certainly was a year of high highs and low lows. Thank you for posting recipe/menu ideas. I have gotten several new ideas from your blog. :)