Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (33)

 1. Remember that articling job interview I had? I got the job! I am very excited. I wish I could start right away. Now I just have to finish law school!

2. On that note, I still don't know if I can transfer to the University of Manitoba. They aren't going to start assessing my application until July and I may not know until August. Boo hiss. Peter and I were talking yesterday about our back-up plan and came to the conclusion that we don't really have one.

3. In happier news, Mary pulled herself up on the coffee table for the first time yesterday. Then when Peter got home from work, she pulled herself up on his sock drawer. I was so pleased that he got to see her show off her new skill. She was very proud of herself.

4. In sadder news, Mary used her new-found skill to pull down her CD player today and got her first bruise. I was extremely upset! Peter rightly pointed out that this will be the first of many bumps and bruises. He's right, but I'm still sad for my poor Cute Lute.

5. Last weekend our friends from Kamloops came to visit and we had a splendid time. They have a five-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son and they were both lovely to Mary. And Mary loves big kids!

6. Peter's favourite team just lost the home opener. I started writing this post with less than three minutes left in the game and it just ended. The last few minutes of football games take forever! The one good thing is that Peter is now 1-0 in his CFL picks column.

7. Here are some glorious photos for you to enjoy:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nine Months

 Mary is already nine months old! She's extremely talkative and loves to mimic our words. She's also crawling all over the place. (Her crawling style is a bit rough around the edges though. It's hard to get a bottom that big off the ground!) She's just started trying to pull herself up on the furniture. The biggest news of the month is that Mary now routinely soothes herself to sleep and doesn't need to be nursed or held until she falls asleep. This is a huge development!

Here are the things that Mary loves:

• Eating grown up food, especially tacos, spaghetti, grilled cheese and spinach
• Eating dinner and lunch, but not much breakfast
• Mimicking sounds, especially da-da, ah-ah, hisses and raspberries
• Drinking from her sippy cup
• Riding on Daddy's shoulders
• People watching
• Shopping and running errands
• Going for walks
• Mauling the cats
• Bags and boxes
• Knocking over towers of blocks
• Electric cords
• Taking books off her bookshelf
• Sleeping on her tummy
• Playing peek-a-boo

Here are the things that Mary hates:

• Being bored
• Being fed with a spoon
• Feeling grass against the back of her head

Milestones this month:

• Routinely soothing herself to sleep without parental intervention
• Flipping over to sleep on her tummy
• Using a pincer grip with both hands
• Pulling herself up on my legs

Mary weighs 20 pounds, eight ounces and is 28 inches long. We love you Mary!

Watch Mary grow:
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (32)

 1. I have an articling interview on Wednesday with the biggest law firm in the city. Because it's a full-service firm, I would get to work in family law, criminal law, civil law and corporate law. I'm so incredibly excited!

2. The past three days, Mary has been flipping over onto her tummy in her sleep and waking herself up and crying. We've had some rough nights. The toughest part is that there is nothing I can do. I can't force her to sleep on her back or convince her that tummy sleeping is glorious. Poor Cute Lute!

3. In more positive Mary news, she was such a trooper at my cousin's wedding last weekend. At the Chinese tea ceremony she was loud and happy and glorious. (That part of the wedding was very loud so her babbling didn't disturb anyone.) And then at the ceremony, she was quiet and happy and glorious. Way to go, Cute Lute! Mary didn't come to the reception because it didn't start until after her bedtime. We had a babysitter and I only had to go back to the hotel once to put her back to sleep.

4. We're going to Terrace next weekend for Peter to cover the Northern Gateway pipeline final arguments. I'm really looking forward to it. Peter has never been to that part of B.C. before and, of course, neither has Mary.

5. Yesterday, Mary weighed 20 pounds six ounces. I just love how big and sturdy she is.

6. My brother ran a half marathon a few weeks ago in one hour, 38 minutes. Way to go, Paul! And, as my mother so kindly pointed out, this now makes me the only member of my family of origin who hasn't run a half-marathon. Laura has run four, Mom has run two and Paul and Dad have run one each.

7. Peter and I were cat-chatting the other day about what we would do if we won $590 million. We decided we would use the money as an endowment to start a charity like Kiva, but fund projects within Canada. Winning the lottery would be amazing, but it would only eliminate one of my top three problems. Peter would be able to take a year off work (or quit entirely) and come with me to finish my law degree next year. But all the money in the world wouldn't make Mary sleep through the night and wouldn't get rid of my anxiety over her health and well-being.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glorious Wedding Photos

My cousin Don got married last weekend. Here are some glorious photos: