Saturday, September 14, 2013

11 Months*

 Mary is 11 months old now! She is on the verge of walking and can understand simple instructions. She is such a happy, outgoing and energetic baby. We are so blessed!

Here are the things that Mary loves:

• Eating, she still has a huge appetite
• Playing with older kids
• Playing in the paddling pool
• Going for walks
• Listening to music

Here are the things that Mary hates:

• Being bored

Milestones this month:

• Saying her first word "banana"
• Moving to Winnipeg
• Meeting two of her great-grandmothers 
• Understanding simple instructions, like "give me five," "hands on head" and "wave bye bye"

Mary weighs 20 pounds, 15 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. We love you Mary!

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* I am really late posting this. We just moved to Winnipeg and I just started my last year of law school. I'll post more soon.